Gulf Coast Motorcycle Safety
Ride Safe. Ride Often.
About Us
At Gulf Coast Motorcycle Safety, our goal is to help riders learn to ride safely and we have a
great time doing so. To some, motorcycling is a hobby. To others, it can be a lifestyle. We
have a passion for motorcycling and we want riders, new and experienced, to come join us
for a class. For beginners, you will learn to ride safely and achieve great confidence as a
rider. For experienced riders, you will find out just how much you don’t know and replace
bad habits with good ones. And for both, you can get a discount on your insurance provided
by most insurance carriers.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the internationally recognized developer of the
comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System (MSF RETS). RETS
curricula promotes lifelong-learning for motorcyclists and continuous professional
development for certified RiderCoaches and other trainers. MSF also actively participates in
government relations, safety research, public awareness campaigns and the provision of
technical assistance to state training and licensing programs.

Why Should You Take The Class?
Research shows that motorcycles comprise approximately 2% of the vehicles on our roads
and 92% of motorcyclists involved in crashes were either self-taught or were taught by a
friend or family member. Our class is approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and
taught by professional RiderCoaches who are MSF certified.

Key Messages:
Gulf Coast Motorcycle Safety, L.L.C.
  •  Get trained to get licensed
  •  Wear protective gear -- all the gear, all the time -- including a helmet   
    manufactured  to the standards set by the DOT
  •  Ride within your own skill limits

The BRC is given at the USA College Office Building  on select weekends. The ERC is
given primarily at our USA/Springhill Ave location. Don't wait. Schedule your class now!

Thank you for your help in supporting the sport!
Basic Rider and Experienced Rider Courses
are currently held in downtown Mobile at
USA Office Building, located at Springhill
Avenue & Catherine Street.